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Courtile | 片瓦

[Entire game supports both English and Chinese](English description down below)




Courtile is a VR interactive experience developed by 6 Chinese high school students. Having a photo-realistic style combined with full audio narrations, this game will let you be fully immersed in one of the staples of traditional Chinese architecture: the Beijing Courtyards. Allowing you to freely walk around in a life-sized Chinese Courtyard, with localized narrations explaining each structure's function and its cultural relevance.

The game also features a segment where it allows you to view each building in a completely different perspective: You'll view the Courtyard in a giant's perspective, not only you can pick up each model-like building and look at them from every angle l, you'll also be able to build your own Chinese Courtyard!

This game is made completely by a team of Chinese students, we hope that you'll enjoy it!


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Version 1 Mar 18, 2022

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这个游戏使用 OpenXR,所以你既可以使用SteamVR也可以使用Oculus。

This game uses OpenXR, so it supports both SteamVR and Oculus VR.

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